Job Site Supervisor

Job Site Supervisor Job Description

The Job Site Supervisor will oversee quality construction of our custom homes. They shall at all times represent and respect Wieland Builders, the Wieland Family and themselves while ensuring integrity and quality in our homes. This job also consists of:

  1. Enforcing quality control on and in each of our homes and job sites per Wieland Builders Training of our process’s and the various manuals that are given to you by Wieland Builders. 
  2. Controlling the schedule developed for each job with the Production Manager
  3. Communicating and controlling sub-contractor relations on the job site ensuring they are scheduled, and their portion of the project is reviewed with them prior to and during their performance on each job.
  4. Ensuring that each job site is ready for each sub-contractor to perform their job.
  5. Maintaining a clean and safe job site
  6. The Supervisor may be required to clean the job site themselves and may be required to perform certain task themselves in order to maintain the progress of the job.
  7. Schedule the inspections as required for each job
  8. Order materials and schedule delivery for each job as required
  9. Review the delivery of each material as it is placed on the job site
  10. Review and abide by the Building Contract, the selection Sheets, the plans, and the change orders
  11. Attend the production meetings
  12. Review sales and upcoming jobs with Production Manager
  13. Hire subcontractors as required
  14. Maintain the community and report to the production manager as to the progress and cleanliness of the community’s as required, if required.
  15. Review with Production Manager the budget for each job in terms of certain labor figures, gravel quantities, concrete square footages, etc.
  16. Review the plot plan and elevation with the Production Manager
  17. Attend all production meetings
  18. Attend all pre-construction meetings
  19. Attend and host all job site Electrical walk through with customers
  20. Attend and host all final walk through meetings with the customers
  21. Communicate with Production Manager on a regular basis about job sites, schedules, and production issues, and subcontractor issues.
  22. Schedule and issue task for the job site laborer
  23. Collaborate and hand off customers to the warranty manager
  24. Visit and asses each job site on a daily basis
  25. This job requires a minimum of 40 hours a week and as needed per the demands of the job. Monday Through Saturday from 8:00am to 5:00pm are expected hours. 

If interested, please submit your resume and cover letter to Jeff Wieland,