Tools That Every New Homebuyer Needs Even If DIY Is Not Your Thing

Let’s face it, everyone is not a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to home projects. However, as a new homebuyer, you will find that there are a number of simple home maintenance repairs you can handle without calling a handyman. You can be prepared by having a set of basic tools that will help you tackle the most common small maintenance issues that pop up. Check out this list of tools that every new homebuyer needs, even if DIY is not your thing!Wieland Infographic wieland builders

Cordless Power Tools – Especially if you’re moving into an older home where electrical outlets are not prevalent, you will need cordless power tools for small and easy home maintenance and repair jobs. These tools include a drill (with bits), screwdriver (with flat and Phillips tips), reciprocating handsaw and work light. Uses for cordless tools include hanging shades or blinds, installing curtain rods, and making repairs to wooden fences.

Hammers – Although it is said you can fix anything with a hammer, remember that that is mostly not true. However, having a hammer in your new home will come in handy for tapping nails into walls for hanging art, driving in loose nails in window trim, or making exterior repairs to wooden decks and steps. Take note that there are two kinds of hammers: a claw hammer and a ball peen hammer. The claw hammer is probably the more useful hammer to have around the house for pulling/removing nails and heavy-duty staples.

Socket/ratchet set – Wrenches are always good to have around the house, but a set of socket wrenches – also called ratchet wrenches – are even better. Why? Because the wrench sockets can be changed out to fit just about any size nut or bolt head (metric or English) and they usually don’t require great strength to turn. You will use socket wrenches to help you assemble new furniture, tighten (or loosen) table legs, and make mechanical repairs or adjustments to items like your bicycle or lawn mower.

Pliers – Perhaps the easiest to use  – and most handy – of all household tools are pliers. Most pliers are adjustable to accommodate large and small nuts or bolt heads. In addition to traditional pliers, channel lock pliers and needle nose pliers are also great to have around because they help you deal with big and small jobs; channel locks for big jobs such as disassembling sink drain pipes, and needle nose pliers for small jobs like twisting and cutting wire, pulling staples, or holding small pieces in place.

Lawn and Garden tools – While these tools won’t fit in a toolbox, they will be necessary for maintaining your outdoor spaces if you have a lawn, yard, patio, sidewalks, and/or driveway to maintain:  Snow shovel or snow blower, garden hose, work gloves, leaf rake, and a trimmer/edger. Take note that trimmers and edgers are available in electric, cordless, and gas-powered models. Choose the one that’s right for your yard-care needs.

Other Useful Tools – In addition to those mentioned above, other useful tools for new homebuyers include:  A flashlight or lantern (for use during power outages and exploring your attic and basement), a measuring tape (for helping you decide where to place furniture and where to hang pictures), a ladder (to reach indoor and outdoor spots such as above kitchen cabinets or rain gutters), and a utility knife (for opening packages, cutting tape, or removing adhesive from glass).

We recognize that everyone is not handy around the house. But we do encourage you to maintain the quality of your new home by learning to do simple maintenance using common household tools that every new homebuyer needs. Our focus at Wieland Builders is on quality and customer care in building beautiful custom homes in communities in Southwest Ohio, Southeast Indiana, and Northern Kentucky. Call us today to find out what we can do for you: 513-860-4996.