Having decided to build our house in Cincinnati while living and working several states away, it was very important to us to have a builder with an excellent, established reputation, that we could trust and communicate well with. Wieland builders, and their support staff, have been accessible, responsive and reliable throughout the building process. This is the third custom home we have had built for us and we are very pleased with the quality and follow through of our new home. We would recommend Wieland builders whole Heartedly.

Roger and Ann Kriete

When we decided to build our “forever home”, we knew that a production builder wasn’t right for us.  We talked to a few and they simply could not make modifications to their standard plans to accommodate our needs.  Our realtor introduced us to Jeff Wieland and he assured us that the house we wanted would fit on the lot we were looking at.  He was right.  Three years later, we still love our home and our unique wooded lot. We found the building process not to be as stressful as others had warned us it would be.  We found that Wieland stands behind their work even after the closing.  We had a few minor issues arise as often happens in new construction; they did not hesitate to make things right. Ours certainly isn’t the most expensive home that Wieland has ever built; in fact, ours is probably one of their smaller homes, but we were never made to feel like a less important customer.   If we had to do it all over again, we would still choose Wieland Builders.

The Turiak Family

As a designer in the industry, it was a very big decision on who would build our home. We chose Wieland Builders because we knew we would not be disappointed. Jeff and Mike have been in the home building industry since they were kids. Their experiences and knowledge is invaluable. With Wieland Builders their team is top notch. Customer Service, top quality of build, and attention to every detail are all part of the package deal. We can not be happier with the quality of our home and the team who built it! Thank you Wieland Builders for building a home for our family that we can be proud to own!

The Koch Family

We have completed our second house built by Wieland Builders. The quality and workmanship is without question the finest on the market today. There are several advantages to building with Wieland. Their homes are constructed on-site, versus the prefabricated structures offered by other builders. This aspect allowed us to redesign the floor plan to meet our needs. The attention to detail included liquid membrane air barrier applied to the outer shell, installation of actual hardwood floors sanded and stained on site, upgraded cabinets, small details such as latex sealed ductwork, caulked headers and base plates and they even supplied a custom vanity for the master bath. I would recommend Wieland to anyone seeking a quality home for the price. You will never regret the decision to build with Wieland builders.

The Dumford Family

This is to recommend Wieland Builders based on our experience so far.  We are still early in the process – but we’ve been impressed with the transparency and flexibility of Jeff, Cindy, and their team.  They have respected our style preferences (which are unique) – and our desire to stay pragmatic on costs.  Jeff allowed us to calculate everything up front – and worked really hard with us to get into our price range, understanding what we were willing to compromise on and what we weren’t.  We had everything from faucets to sinks to lighting selected before even signing the contract – and I feel that our changes so far are being calculated fairly.
Off to a great start,  built on respect, transparency and trust.

The Cielica Family

Our family would like to commend the team at Wieland Builders. Over 8 years ago they built our home and to this day we still love it as much as we did the day we moved in. Looking back on the experience it is never easy to go through the building process with a young family and every step of the way the Wieland family was right there to help us. They made the process easy and was flexible when we wanted to make changes, even after “Final” selections had been made. When we decide to build another home, they will be the first to get the call.

The English Family

We were looking to build a retirement home.  We had owned several houses and had ideas of what we wanted replicated and what we wanted done differently. We met with a few high-end production builders who showed us their top-of-the line models and discussed the flexibility to make changes.  While their houses were first-rate, they did not provide what we sought in a new house. When we walked into a Wieland Builder model home, we knew they offered what we most wanted.  The sales representative was informative and helpful, but she did not pressure us in any way.  She knew the house spoke for itself. From the first time we met with Jeff Wieland, he always was extremely attentive and listened to our concerns with a great deal of patience.  He provided important information regarding building a custom home versus a production home.  He recommended what he thought would best suit our needs and wants.  Again, there was no pressure.  We decided to build with Wieland Builders based on what we saw in the model and our discussions with Jeff. All the people who work for Wieland Builders are true professionals with a caring approach. They exemplify the standards of the company.  They are exceptionally creative and we found ourselves seeking their perspective on many of our decisions. We cannot say enough about the design, the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and the relentless determination to build a quality house.  Wieland Builders made our retirement house into our dream home that truly went beyond our expectations.   Many people who drive by our house, stop just to complement us on how beautiful our home looks.  The person who installed our window treatments, on 28 windows, including in the garages, commented on how perfect all the windows were installed.  He stated it is uncommon for him not to have to make modifications on a single window for the treatments to fit correctly.   There may be other companies who can build a house of equal quality, but none can build a house better than Wieland Builders.

The Marcello Family

We had an extremely positive experience building our new home with Wieland Builders. We feel very fortunate to have found a builder with such a high level of commitment to quality and attention to detail. Wieland Builders collaborated with our architect to design and build our beautiful custom home. We were also very impressed with the professionalism and the quality of work from each of the subcontractors.  The entire building process was very enjoyable and we never had any issues that we couldn’t resolve. The follow up since we have moved in has also been outstanding. We really felt as if were part of the Wieland family during the entire building process and we still do today! We strongly recommend Wieland Builders for anyone looking to build a quality custom home.

The Wernery Family

We chose Wieland Builders for the quality of the homes they build. Our initial meeting, design process, selections and build went very smoothly.  Their team of professionals communicated closely with us and were open to our ideas, questions and concerns. Our move in date was on schedule and they continued to communicate with us. We are very pleased with their quality and attention to detail. We highly recommend Wieland Builders.

The Bowman Family

We had a wonderful experience working with Wieland Builders. We are very happy in our new home.

We were very impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail. From our very first meeting, through the design, and to completion we always felt like we were a priority. We also had a good experience with all the subs who were very helpful and made suggestions that improved the overall building of our home.

Building with Wieland Builders was the best choice we could have made. You work directly with the Wieland family themselves who were always involved in every decision.  Jeff and Mike are very knowledgeable and are hands on which was a great comfort.  Every email, text or phone call was answered immediately. The selection team within the office was wonderful as well and couldn’t have been more helpful. They took us through the selection process and made suggestions as we designed our home.

We always felt like we mattered. We would certainly build with Wieland Builders again.

The Thornton Family

We are very pleased with our Wieland home and would recommend Wieland Builders to anyone looking to build a new home. The personal and professional attention that was given to us in design, site preparation, and construction could only be found in working with a family owned and operated business. Jeff and Mike have a strong family background in home building and customer service. With Wieland we got a solid house beautifully designed and sited and we are very proud of our Wieland Builders home.

The Weisbrod Family

We have built two homes with Wieland Builders and can’t say enough good things about the process. The first home we built with them was our first home from scratch. We were concerned hearing about how difficult the process can be. Totally not the case with the Wielands! They were straight forward and up front from the beginning. You can find builders who do things cheaper, but you get way you pay for. With the Wielands, we knew our best interests were priority. Jeff walked us through the sales process as we spec’d out our new home. And from there, Mike did a great job during the construction phase to make sure things were done the right way. You can tell these guys take pride in what they do. When your name is on the building, your reputation is on the line and these guys exceed the standard. It’s why I built my second home from them and will have them build my third when the time comes!

The Lodder Family

This was my facebook post on September 9th, 2016. “3 years of planning and dreaming, 1 year and 1 day of being “homeless”, 10 thousand text, email and phone calls with Jeff (you will miss me). Mat and I now have OUR house the one we dreamed up and designed!! Oh and his barn. Thank you SO MUCH Jeff Wieland and Shannon. You and everyone at Wieland Builders made our dream come true!” Being in the real estate business I have seen a lot of houses and you have a lot of ideas in my head of what I wanted in my “dream” house. My husband, Mat and I worked on that vision for 3 years and then decided we were ready to make it reality. I know many of the builders in Cincinnati either personally or from reputation and building quality but in June of 2015 we picked Jeff Wieland and Wieland Builders to go on this journey with us. Jeff sat down with Mat and me and listened to what WE wanted, something that not every builder does.  He walked many many lots with us, told me I was crazy a few times for thinking I wanted a certain lot. We finally found the perfect lot for us, until a few weeks later when Jeff called me, it could not have been an easy call for him, to tell me that our lot was not going to be buildable. At that point we were going to be homeless in two months and we had no lot ughh. Three months later after walking more lots, some with Jeff some without, we found our lot.  During those three months Jeff was in contact with us the whole time, he got with the architect with our cut and paste floor plan so they could start designing our home, worked on pricing, answered question after question after question.  He always made us feel important even though at that point he didn’t even have a contract with us.  Finally, in May of 2016 our house was started.  This was the 3rd house we have built, first completely custom, and honestly the smoothest build we have ever done.Jeff was onsite, answered my phone calls, text, and emails even on Saturday night, called me out when my text were a little to direct or “bitchy”, which I needed sometimes.  We had some “heated” conversations but in the end everything was resolved and everyone was happy.  I had most of the communication with Jeff so when Mat called or text it meant something was really bothering him. Jeff always handled it with kid gloves and made Mat understand what was going on and what needed or would be done to correct it. I honestly have to say Jeff is one of the hardest workers I have seen. Eight o’clock on a Thursday night we stopped at the house to find Jeff in our front yard still seeding and strawing, Sunday afternoons we would come out and could tell Jeff had just left. The best was on Saturday morning at 10:30 when I got a text from him with pictures of our beams up in our family room saying looking great.  What builder does that? Jeff that is who does that.  It put the biggest smile on my face knowing that he was excited for us. As we sat in closing Mat looked over at Jeff and said I would absolutely build with you again.  First of all knowing my husband that was not typical for him to say, second I have sat in many new construction closings where the builder doesn’t even show up because the tension between builder and client at that point is unbearable.  So for my husband to say at that moment and now a month later that he would build with Jeff Wieland again tells you more than anything I wrote above.  Jeff is an amazing person and an outstanding builder and deserves to be recognized for that.

The Barter Family

After meeting Jeff and Mike Wieland at Homearama, we knew we wanted to work with them. They are normal, down-to-earth people that we felt comfortable with, and therefore, we could trust. And that feeling emulated to everyone at Wieland. They made the building process easier by carrying the construction loan (huge stress off of us), helped us stay on budget by offering several design modifications, and built us a high quality home. We are privileged to have worked with Wieland and have already recommended them to several people!

The Brenner Family