Build On Your Land

Wieland Builders Gets Asked Every Day:
“Will You Build On My Land?”

Yes! Wieland Builders builds within a large radius of the Greater Cincinnati area. We are experts building your home wherever you choose, whether you already own your land, or are looking to buy.

If you don’t already own a homesite, Wieland Builders can work with you from the very beginning. We’ll pursue the site you want, then work with you through design and construction of your new home. We call these builds “offsites.”

Advantages of Offsite Builds with Wieland Builders

Working with Wieland Builders for your offsite home build presents many advantages for the homeowner:

Construction Financing: We take a lot of headache, hassle and worry away from you by handling all of the construction financing for the project. Rather than you having to pay for the lot, materials and labor separately, Wieland Builders manages and pays those those costs upfront, which are then rolled-into your end loan, leaving you with one payment, your mortgage.

Upfront Pricing: With Wieland Builders, our pricing is all-inclusive and on paper for your peace-of-mind. When looking at an offsite or any building site, there are variable fees or costs that are involved with permits, utilities, driveways, setbacks, etc. When comparing prices with builders, or after having selected a builder, it is important to understand what is included in the price. Be sure to ask the builder “Can I live in this house for this price?” Many of the prices, especially advertised prices, do not include certain requirements, such a the lot purchase, basement or slab, exterior materials, the utilities (installed and hooked up), the permits, the financing, etc…

At Wieland Builders, we know the importance of having a clear understanding of costs when building a home, which is why we pride ourselves on transparency from the very beginning of the project.