Trick-or-Treating Tips For Keeping Your Little Goblins Safe 

Halloween is fast approaching, and it is time to get your Trick-or-Treat game plan on for all those little goblins.  Parents need to start considering how to make the event fun and obviously scoring lots of candy, but also taking measures to make sure everyone is safe for the night.  Wieland Builders has put together Trick-or-Treating tips for keeping your little goblins safe from what to look for and what to avoid.  We might even have an alternative plan for a fun-filled safe way for everyone to be involved. 

Little girl in witch costume and boy dressed up as vampire on Halloween trick or treat. Children trick or treating with candy bucket. Kids celebrate Halloween at fireplace with pumpkin and lantern.

What are your community Halloween ideas?

The Mapping Game

Scout your route ahead of times with the kids.  Houses that you know and are safe and ones to avoid.  Going over your route and with the kids reminds them that there are things to be on the lookout for such as the international signal for “no candy” is the front porch lights off.

One way to make sure the kids remember which houses are safe is to create a treasure map with the houses that are okay to Trick-or-Treat at.  Encourage them to stay to the map by having a treasure chest for them at the end of the map.  Give the kids their own copy of the map to follow and mark off as they go to each house.

Do’s and Don’ts

Be sure to go over the dos and don’ts with kids ahead of time and again as a reminder before they head out. Some of the items we recommend covering with the kiddos are crossing the streets only at the corners or where the crosswalks are.  staying on the sidewalks if your community has those and never leaving for the night without flashlights or glow wear.  One tip is to add reflective tape to the treat bags the kids are carrying so that car lights will hit that and alert the driver kids ahead!

Neighborhood Trunk-Or-Treat

If you live in a Wieland Builders neighborhood you know that family is one of our core values, and we want to provide an alternative idea for your community.  Try hosting with your neighbors a “Neighborhood Trunk-Or-Treat” a safer and more enjoyable way to spend Halloween together with friends and family.

sweets on a table for Halloween

Does your community host a “Neighborhood Trunk-Or-Treat?”


You might be asking what is a “Neighborhood Trunk-Or-Treat”? You start by decking out all the cars in the neighborhood with all the crazy Halloween ideas you can come up.  You can encourage participation by giving out a cheesy small plastic trophy that travels to the winner of the best-decorated car each year.  The best part though is giving the candy out of the decorated trunks of the cars as they line the driveways instead of the kiddos walking up to the houses.  This also avoids the constant ringing of the doorbell. Remember that after the kids go to bed it is a great time to catch up with neighbors by the firepits with your favorite shareable for everyone.

We would love to see your community Halloween ideas so please share your pictures with us on our Facebook page or you can send them directly to us at We build on your home site or ours!