Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Food tends to be the main star of Thanksgiving, but let us not forget what truly makes the holiday special: spending the day with your loved ones. Although most families’ festivities likely bare similarities, it’s our individual traditions that make every get-together different. As it’s important to celebrate your well-established activities, it’s never too late to begin new traditions as well!

Treat Yourself

Hosting Thanksgiving can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful. While planning ahead can help ease stress, it can also be nice to give yourself something extra special to look forward to. Is there a dessert that you would especially like? A seasonal beer or wine you’ve wanted to try? Treat yourself and work these things into your special day.Who knows? Maybe your family members have also wanted to try these things. A personal treat could become the next family food tradition!

Meal Time Rituals

Whether it’s consistent annual assigned seating, the appearance of a staple family food, or a pre-meal prayer there are always mealtime rituals that families depend on. This is also an occasion to reflect upon loved ones who are no longer with us. Some families choose to light a candle and set a place at the table for loved ones who have passed.

Post-Meal Rituals

It’s very common for family members to fall into “food comas” after the big meal. Sometimes family members use this time to drink coffee and fondly reflect upon shared memories. Others retire to the living room for a nap on the couch or recliner. Equally as popular as the family nap is enjoying the action of a televised football game accompanied by beer and other libations.

Continuing the Holiday Spirit

All families move at different speeds when transitioning from one holiday to the next. Some families shift gears after the Thanksgiving meal to Christmas activities. It’s not uncommon for a family to set up and decorate their Christmas tree post-meal. Other families make coffee and hot chocolate while retiring to a piano or acoustic guitar to sing carols together. It could even be as simple as putting on a celebrated holiday classic such as “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “White Christmas,” “Elf” or many other holiday movies.

No matter whether traditions are new or generations old, what makes them special is celebrating with the ones you love.