Community Spotlight – Children’s Heart Association of Cincinnati

Family is so important to us at Wieland. Children are at the center of every family and we feel so deeply when a child is not well. Children’s Heart Association of Cincinnati (CHAOC) is an organization we are proud to support.

CHAOC has played a big part in helping children across the communities of Cincinnati. Although this organization’s name is recognized throughout Cincinnati, many don’t know what the organization does. We’d like to take a moment to profile the organization and their history.


CHAOC’s mission is to provide support to scholarly activities of the Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. These efforts go toward multiple investigations covering medicinal studies and the overall wellness of children, adults and their families impacted by cardiovascular disease.


CHOAC was founded in 1940 by a group of individuals focused on dedicated support to children with cardiovascular disease. After a donation of $200, members of CHAOC were able to make the organization official. Since then, CHOAC has been able to provide funding to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for cardiac research, training, advanced equipment and more. CHOAC works with their patients from fetus to adult, as early diagnosis and follow-up care are both necessary.

Ongoing Projects

During its time of operation, CHAOC has been a part of many research projects. These projects aim to improve the quality of life and treatment of children, as well as the families impacted by congenital heart defects. They are currently working on seven projects, including Heart Pillows, Home Care for Mended Hearts and Camp Joyful Hearts. These projects not only help fund research to advance medical treatment but to also help children enjoy their childhood with and apart from their diagnosis.

Helping the Children of Tomorrow

Wieland Builders take family matters very seriously. Our children are the future, and infinitely important to our lives. Do you have a personal success story about CHOAC? Would you like to learn more about what Wieland builders can offer? Feel free to contact us by phone at 513-801-0860 or by email at

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