Tips for Starting an Indoor Herb Garden

At Wieland Builders when we build a house, we are doing more than just forming its foundation. We are designing homes where memories are created. Whether it’s the kids playing in the yard or the family gathered around the dinner table for a fantastic meal, we pride ourselves on customizing every detail to make your home where you live your best life.

Many of our homeowners who enjoy cooking in our luxurious kitchens have utilized their indoor space in the initial phases of starting an herb garden before moving it outdoors. Here are some tips that our homeowners use to begin growing their favorite herbs right in their own homes.

Choosing the Right Herbs

Whether you are living in one of our custom luxury or classic design homes, our indoor spaces provide the perfect setting to grow your herbs in their infancies. Some favorites include basil for making homemade pesto, rosemary herbs for grilled pork loin and dill that can be paired with salmon. Our homeowners also love harvesting mint indoors for iced tea or cocktails to enjoy on their patios on a warm summer day. Others like growing parsley, chives and tarragon indoors for making herb butter to grill steaks or sea bass while entertaining guests on one of our outdoor entertaining areas. Most of these herbs can be grown year-round given adequate time and attention to your indoor herb garden.

Using Proper Lighting

Growing herbs indoors requires exposure to light for long periods of time in order to produce a sufficient and desirable amount of herbs and oils that provide flavoring. Our large windows throughout our homes help provide the necessary lighting to start and maintain an indoor herb garden, especially if the windows are facing south. Many of our homeowners also use indoor lighting tools to keep their herb garden growing all year long, especially during the cold winter months.

Knowing When to Take it Outside

While growing herbs inside is a great place to start, there is a proper time to take your herb garden outside. When the herb plants are outgrowing their containers and the roots are visible from the drainage holes, you’ll need to replant the herbs within one of our spacious and garden-friendly yards. Be sure to check out our Pinterest board devoted to herb gardening!

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