Wieland Builders Spotlight – Pink Ribbon Girls

The Pink Ribbon Girls (PRG) is one of the amazing organizations Wieland Builders is proud to support. Founded by breast cancer survivors, PRG brings together a support system for those currently in their battle against breast or gynecological cancer. Offering help for the whole family every step of the way, there are few other organizations that are able to offer the amount of care that PRG tirelessly provides at no charge. We’d like to take a moment to profile this inspiring organization and tell you what they offer.


It is difficult for cancer patients to keep up with daily household chores like cleaning and cooking. PRG helps ease these extra burdens by providing free meals, rides to treatment, housecleaning and more. All services are provided by professional organizations, from executive chefs to bonded and insured cleaning companies. Meals are created with the nutrients that cancer patients need and are flash frozen before delivery.

And as helpful as those services are, another service is equally important. PRG ensures no one walks their journey alone. The offer support groups, and even facilitate personal connections with others who are facing the journey now, and with those who have beat their diagnosis.

Communities Served

The Pink Ribbon Girls currently serve Central Ohio, Midwest Ohio, Southwest Ohio/NKY, St. Louis, Missouri and the San Francisco Bay area. Last year the Pink Ribbon Girls were able to provide 86,000 meals, 2,000 house cleanings and 4,800 rides to treatment.

Wieland Builders believes in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Would you like to learn more? Feel free to contact us with any questions by phone at 513-801-0860 or by email at info@wielandbuilders.com

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