Custom Home Cost Breakdown: Insights from the WB Download

Every episode of the WB Download podcast is packed with information, and Jeff Wieland’s recent podcast about the cost of building a new construction custom home is no exception. With his deep understanding of the industry and years of experience, Jeff provides an eye-opening, informative, honest, and straightforward look at costs. He delves into the cost of building a home and explores the challenge of understanding what truly drives expenses. If you’re in the market for a new construction custom home, this is a WB Download episode you can’t miss!

Custom Home Costs WB Download

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Jeff Wieland begins by addressing the common perception of things being too expensive without a clear grasp of their true costs, drawing an analogy to shopping for a pickup truck. This comparison illustrates how initial sticker shock can lead to exploration
and comparison, ultimately providing a more realistic perspective on pricing. As consumers, we must do our homework.
The conversation underscores the importance of transparent communication between builders and clients. Clients must be honest about their budget constraints, as their expectations for the home’s features and quality will likely exceed them. This disconnect
can be bridged through open dialogue and aligning expectations with financial realities. Jeff explains how builders, in turn, play a crucial role in guiding clients through cost-saving measures and potential variables that could affect the final price of the project.
Jeff is very realistic about this process and says, “It’s an important conversation. The builder has to say hey, here’s what we think it’s going to cost. Here’s what we can do. Here are ways to reduce the cost.” This emphasis on transparency should reassure
potential clients about the process.


Understanding the breakdown of costs in building a home is essential. This includes components like land acquisition, building materials, labor, site-specific expenses, and additional fees. Each element contributes to the overall expense, and awareness of
these factors helps homeowners grasp where their money is allocated throughout the construction process. Factors such as location, site conditions, and project complexity will significantly impact expenses. Over the years, the largest increases in expenses have been observed in materials, labor, and site-specific costs due to factors like inflation, regulatory requirements, and advancements in building technologies.

When it comes to purchasing a home, it’s likely one of the most significant investments individuals will make. At Wieland Builders, we specialize in luxury custom homes, prioritizing quality and uniqueness over mass production. Unlike track builders focused
on production, Wieland Builders emphasizes meeting the specific needs and desires of each client. Our homes feature different specifications, designs, and selections tailored to client preferences, eschewing standardized dimensions and materials.
Wieland Builders goes beyond minimum code regulations, prioritizing quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Our approach involves intricate details and unique features that set their homes apart, offering clients a blank slate for customization. While materials and labor may come at a premium compared to standard options, we believe the investment is worth it for the quality and customization it brings to clients. Jeff aptly points out, “The advantage of custom homes is you get what you want, where you want…it’s a blank slate. And a lot of it is more of a process and a team partnership that we do together.”

This WB Download podcast episode provides valuable insights into the complexities of pricing and costs in the new home construction industry. It highlights the importance of transparency, collaboration between builders and clients, and the prioritization of quality in delivering custom homes.

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